Hatchets & Hops Axe Wagon


Do I throw IN the truck?

We definitely aren’t luring you into a van down by the river. The truck carries all the fun to and from your party, and we set up a fully enclosed throwing area with two targets right next to it when we get there.

How much space do you need?

We’ve converted an old mail truck into an axe-transporting behemoth that needs a footprint of 8 feet by 20 feet to stretch its legs. The throwing area itself is 12 feet wide, 17 feet long, and 10 feet tall. It’s assembled by individual panels that can be carried almost anywhere, even inside! (Provided that you have the space indoors).

What if it rains?

Rain makes corn, corn makes whiskey, but thunderstorms make axe throwing a little too risky. We’ll keep a close eye on the forecast, if it’s a total rain-out then we’ll save everyone the headache of trying to set up and sort out a host of issues, but we will hold on to the deposit. With that being said, your deposit can 100% be applied to a later event so we can still work together!  If the weather is up-in-the-air (good pun right?) we’ll set up as scheduled and keep our rain covers over the throwing area and wait to see if it breaks. Similar to a baseball diamond covered up until right before the opening pitch, we can operate the same way.

How many/few people do I need?

Due to our flexible nature with the AxeWagon, we can structure your event to serve a great variety of crowd sizes. It’s hard to put a number to it, given the many different styles of gameplay, as well as the duration of your event.

How much time do I need?

Between one hour and one month. We’re here to help you throw the best party anyone’s ever seen, so we’ll work with you to decide how long you want us to join the fun.

How far will you drive?

If you’re anywhere in the beautiful state of New York, we can drive out to meet you. With that being said, one of the variables that your price is calculated on is travel, so your quote will reflect your distance from our home base in Buffalo.

Do I have to wear anything special?

Just your regular digs. If you’re wearing any brimmed hat, we’ll ask you to pop that puppy off while you’re throwing. Overhead throws and brimmed hats don’t usually get along, so for the safety of you, us, and that sweet sweet ball cap, let your head breathe for a few minutes.

What are your hours?

We operate any time and any place you want to book us. If you want to check us out on the streets- take a look at our “Public Events” page. If you’re wondering when to reach out to us, drop us a line whenever, but we’ll get back to you between Monday and Friday, 9am – 5pm.

Do you serve alcohol?

The truck does not carry a liquor license so unfortunately we can’t serve you, but the chances of us being somewhere that you can get your hands on some wobbly pops is pretty high.

I am hungry… feed me?

We pack so much fun in the back of our truck that we unfortunately don’t have any extra room to fill any bellies.

How much is it?

All of our pricing is extremely variable based on several conditions such as date, event size, location, length, amenities, etc. If you’re interested in getting a quote please head to our “Request a Quote” page.

Do I have to be a burly hulk of a man-bear to do this?

Not at all! This sport is truly accessible and isn’t a feat of strength. It’s about technique, paying attention to the instructors, and relaxing enough to enjoy yourself. The only thing we take super seriously is safety.

Is there an age limit?

Yes. The AxeWagon is limited to those 18 years of age and over.

Axes and Beer?? Okay so talk to me about this safety thing.

The whole thing is very safe and structured. Your group is with a highly trained instructor the entire time. We are proud to say that we have more stringent safety measures in place than any other axe throwing club in North America, and that shows in our perfect safety record.

So, we should pre-game before this thing?

Please don’t. Customers under the influence of alcohol or other substances will not be permitted to participate and will not receive a refund.

Can I bring my own axe?

Sorry amigo. Not here.

Do you guys throw knives?

No. If you’re wondering why she swiped left, this is it right here. We throw two things: axes and parties.

Do you have Gift Certificates?

At this time, the AxeWagon doesn’t sell gift certificates.